Barn Cats


PVAC’s Barn Cat Program

When poorly socialized kitties from our community are surrendered to PVAC, sometimes we have to consider non-traditional adoption placement. PVAC’s goal is to place hundreds of barn cats each year, which contributes to PVAC’s goal to increase our community’s live release.

PVAC believes these kitties don’t deserve to die simply because they can’t go into a typical home environment. We recognize that they deserve shelter, access to food and water, and the stimulation of “critter hunting” that a barn placement provides.

PVAC Barn Cat Program serves as the only live path out of our shelter and away from euthanasia. These cats cannot be adopted as traditional pets and we currently cannot be returned to their original outdoor habitat, which is always preferable. Without this program, feral cats would be euthanized at PVAC.

Instead, these cats are sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, and adopted to families who appreciate ‘working cats’ for critter patrol and can provide a safe, appropriate environment such as a barn, stable, garage, or warehouse.

PVAC Barn Cat Program is a win-win for both the cats and adopters! Cats enjoy safe outdoor homes with shelter and a caregiver, and adopters enjoy having healthy, sterilized cats happily tend to their mouse, snake, or vermin troubles.

Interested in adopting a barn cat and housing some of PVAC’s most lovable free spirits? Check out the Barn Cat Adoption FAQ and apply here:

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