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2501 West Trenton Road Edinburg, Texas 78539
956-686-1141 EXT 27 or 28
Monday – Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm


As Hidalgo County’s only open admission center, Palm Valley Animal Center accepts owner surrenders by residents of Partner Municipalities during normal business hours only at our PVAC location, 2501 W Trenton Road, Edinburg, TX 78539.

Owner surrendered pets do not have a hold period and are automatically under the custody of PVAC.  PVAC will not provide updates, call backs and/or holds for owners surrendering their pets and does not guarantee the outcome of any animal surrendered.  Owners interested in reclaiming a surrendered pet must follow the adoption process and pay regular adoption fees.

Strays surrendered to PVAC will be held for a 72 hour stray hold period to give an owner a chance to reclaim their pet. PVAC has custody of all strays, until the moment an owner completes the reclaiming process. PVAC will not provide updates, call backs and/or holds for citizens who have surrendered strays and does not guarantee the outcome of any animal surrendered.

Currently we DO NOT provide admission services for municipalities that are not Partner Municipalities (listed below), residents from these municipalities will need to contact their city for information on how to surrender a strays.

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Surrender fees help PVAC continue to provide basic medical care to the tens of thousands of animals surrendered to our facility every year. Every dog and cat surrendered is vaccinated, medically tested, housed, fed and provided 1st aid as permitted by pets temperament.

$50 – per pet
$100 – more than 5 pets surrendered during same visit

*Payment of fee does not guarantee the outcome of any pet surrendered to Palm Valley Animal Center.


This option is a FREE way to surrender animals to PVAC. Through the deferred intake, or “vaccinate and release” program our staff vaccinates a stray animal about to be surrendered to PVAC, and the person surrendering that animal then holds that animal for 3 days in their own home before ultimately surrendering the stray to PVAC on the 4th day. This option is available to residents of the 8 contracted municipalities PVAC services.

This is a great program because it temporarily frees up much needed space in our facility and helps mitigate the spread of disease by ensuring animals arrive with bolstered immune systems. It provides an option that is both humane and free of charge for good samaritans looking to help stray and abandoned animals.


– Must provide a valid government issued ID
– Proof of ownership (for owner surrendered pets)
– Copies of any and all medical records for fee reduction requests

We do not admit pets at The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center. 


Palm Valley Animal Center is the only full service, open admission, animal intake facility in Hidalgo County.  PVAC provides open admission services for our Partner Municipalities animal control agencies and residents, residents have full access to all of our admitting services.

Please see below for complete information regarding our admission process, procedures and fees.  

Alamo (956) 787-1454
Zip Code(s): 78516

Edinburg (956) 383-7411
Zip Code(s): 78539, 78540, 78541, 78542

Hidalgo (956) 843-2636
Zip Code(s): 78577

Hidalgo County (956) 383-0111

La Joya (956) 585-4855
Zip Code(s): 78560

McAllen (956) 681-2124
Zip Code(s): 78501, 78502, 78503, 78504, 78505

Palmhurst (956) 583-8697
Zip Code(s): 78573

Palmview  (956) 581-7411
Zip Code(s): 78572, 78574


Currently we DO NOT provide admission services for the municipalities below, residents from the following municipalities will need to contact their city for information on how to surrender their pets and/or strays.

Alton (956) 432-0792
Zip Code(s): 78573

Donna (956) 464-6960
Zip Code(s): 78537

Edcouch (956) 262-2127
Zip Code(s): 78538

Elsa (956) 262-2127
Zip Code(s): 78543

Granjeno (956) 519-0032
Zip Code(s): 78572

La Villa (956) 262-2122
Zip Code(s): 78562

Mercedes (956) 565-6147
Zip Code(s): 78570

Mission (956) 580-8741
Zip Code(s): 78572, 78573, 78574

Peñitas (956) 990-8130
Zip Code(s): 78576

Pharr (956) 402-4350
Zip Code(s): 78577

Progreso (956) 702-3647
Zip Code(s): 78579

Rio Grande City (956) 487-0672
Zip Code(s): 78582

San Juan (956) 223-2470
Zip Code(s): 78589

Sullivan City (956) 485-2828
Zip Code(s): 78595

Weslaco (956) 447-3401
Zip Code(s): 78596, 78599


Every municipality/county has its own animal control policies and procedures, we urge residents to contact their local animal control agency first. PVAC only admit lost pets and/or strays, we do not pick up and/or collect pets and/or strays.

For wildlife inquiries, please go to the Texas Game Warden website.

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