Rescues help the most fragile lives.


Our rescue partners save lives.

Palm Valley Animal Center offers this alternative placement option for animals from the Rio Grande Valley. PVAC has developed and implemented an advanced rescue transfer & transportation program to successfully transfer thousands of animals to reputable animal rescue organizations throughout Texas and beyond.

This incredibly proactive approach to working with rescue organizations has greatly increased our live release rate. Establishing contact with reputable rescue organizations is important to us on behalf of the animals that come in to our facility.


We appreciate all the effort from the dedicated individuals who run rescue organizations and recognize that rescue organizations play a major role in re-homing pets and helping increase the live release rate at our facility. For more information on how to partner with us, please contact us at:
or by phone: 956.605.9239

956.686.1141 ex. 33


You can help our rescue program today by sponsoring a rescue run, donating towards an animal or making a general donation. Cats and dogs rescued out are medically and behaviorally screened prior to transport and each rescue partner is provided documentation for each animal.

Your sponsorship helps us continue to provide a care and support needed to make transport possible. As well as re-vaccinations depending on the length of stay at PVAC.

$100: 1 pet
$500: 5 pets
$1,500: 15 pets
$3,000: 30 pets
$5,000: 50 pets

Sponsor A Freedom Ride For Our Animals

Cost per San Antonio Trip: $1,500

San Antonio rescue transports leave PVAC every Tuesday and Friday.


To join our Rescue Team by becoming a volunteer, you must first complete the Volunteer Registration Process here:

Rescue Drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid drivers license and clear a driving record check.

Rescue Grooming must contact the Volunteer Program at for details.

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Our successes are made possible in part by our passionate lifesaving partners: